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Canada is on track to ban plastics by 2021. What some BIG companies are doing to help.

2 min readMar 9, 2020


On the heels of the announcement that Canada is on track to ban single-use plastics by 2021, certain companies are already getting ahead of the curve. Tim Horton’s recently announced their famous Roll Up The Rim campaign (which uses single-use plastic lids) is going digital. Not only are they running half the campaign online, but they are also encouraging people to use reusable cups by giving away 1.8 million mugs in stores, and offering three Roll Up The Rim chances to those who bring their own cups.

This shift comes not only in anticipation of the switch away from single-use waste, but also growing consumer demand for more sustainable, environmentally friendly product choices. According to a report out of Dalhousie University, 93% of Canadians are motivated to reduce their use of single-use plastic food packaging.

What’s even more exciting about the change is the opportunity for innovation. Technology and digital solutions are a fantastic way to meet greener consumer demands and learn more about their preferences and behaviors — with the ultimate goal of better meeting customer needs.

What innovative solutions is your business focusing on?

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