our 4 pillars of COVID-19 communications

navigating uncertain times with purposeful communication

2 min readApr 2, 2020

The ongoing COVID-19 situation has placed all of us in uncertain times. What remains clear, however, is that we’re in this together.

As brands and businesses, now is the time to focus our efforts on helping where we can and building trust in our brands. Our communication channels are critical to achieving this.

Below are the 4 pillars of trust-building communications we recommend infusing into all of your communications:

  1. It’s about the greater good.

Be upfront about how your organization is doing its part to keep the larger community safe. Use “we” instead of “I” or “you”. Include your own tips around social distancing, working from home if it’s possible, and influencing others to help take the load off our vulnerable front-line workers, like grocery clerks and hospital staff.

2. And the personal good.

Show your clients and customers, and all Canadians, that you care. Share tips on keeping our homes clean and safe. Ideas for staying healthy, fit and entertained. And, most importantly, suggestions for remaining connected with others from afar.

3. Keep it hopeful.

Nothing good comes from losing hope, even while business as usual is on hold and we weather this storm together. It’s important to communicate your excitement for the future of your organization and your commitment to continue delivering excellence.

4. Keep it clear.

As things change, whether for the good or the not so good, it’s important to be clear. Be as proactive as you can at keeping everyone informed. Use all your channels. Doing so will mean that when things bounce back, trust in your brand will be stronger than before.

We hope this helps you in the coming weeks as the situation continues to unfold in ways that we might expect — or not expect. Every day gives us new information, but keep your perspective focused on the fact that we’re navigating these rough waters together.

Stay healthy. Stay safe. Stay proactive.


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