bringing added value through a strategic partnership with BPTN

2 min readMar 9, 2021


The Black Professionals in Tech Network (BPTN) plays an important role in bridging the gap in the tech industry. They provide Black tech and business professionals with access to sponsorship, skill development and networking opportunities.

They’re also uniquely positioned to help us add value to both our team and the work we do for our clients. For us, diversity has never been a feel-good box we want to tick; it’s baked into our strategic imperatives as a company. Diversity helps us to broaden our perspectives, strengthen our thought leadership and find new ways to innovate.

Bottom-line: Diversity is good for business, especially when you’re in the business of problem-solving.

taking steps to further diversify our company

Our partnership with BPTN is providing us with talent acquisition and development resources, including:

Company-wide Lean-in Sessions:

These sessions aim to provide our team with a foundational understanding of the Black professional experience and some of the barriers faced by the Black community in North America. Our goal in these sessions will be to develop goals for fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging, which will help us to acquire and develop Black talent.

Leadership Conversation Circles for Founders and Management Team:

These quarterly conversations are an opportunity for us to reflect on the strategic impacts of our company’s diversity, inclusion and belonging goals. During these sessions, we will continue to build out practical, sustainable and scalable solutions that are aligned to our larger strategic goals, and the value we want to bring to our clients.

Access to the BPTN’s Job Boards and Network:

Our partnership also gives us access to the BPTN’s Slack channel and job boards, where we can continue to search for and attract the best diverse talent in the business.

We’re committed to listening, learning and moving the needle on diversity, inclusion and belonging. Interested in doing the same? Check out BPTN here.

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