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black history: it’s more than just one month

Assigning a single month to encapsulate all of Black history leads many of us to ask a question: Why not observe Black history every month of the year? For additional perspective, check out these thought-provoking articles on the “anxiety-tinged enthusiasm” that some Black people experience during Black History Month:

The Incredible Black Canadian Women You Should Know »

It’s Time to Celebrate Black History Month for Us »

listen, learn and — most importantly — act.

The summer of 2020 saw huge global support for the Black Lives Matter movement, but recent studies have shown that support is dwindling. While many of us have done a lot of listening and learning, the fleeting nature of Black History Month reminds us that it’s even more important to put what we’ve learned into year-round action. We’ve compiled a list of some important resources you can support in your organization’s efforts to be part of the solution:

Find local Black-owned businesses to support with this great resource:
Black Owned Toronto »

Make a donation to the Black Health Alliance, which focuses on providing support to Black communities in the way of health care, mental health support, and financial resources:
Black Health Alliance »

Make a donation to Black Food Toronto, a non-profit organization focusing on food insecurity for the African, Caribbean and Black community in Toronto:
Black Food Toronto »

What theturnlab is doing

Diversity is a foundational component to our strategic imperatives around the work we do, the innovation we strive for, and the audiences we aim to connect with. A diverse team with diversity in perspectives, backgrounds, and thinking is essential for us to be the leader we aim to be.

Our initiatives:

  • Completed an audit of our vendor relationships
  • Launched an internal social justice committee that drives education and conversation company-wide
  • We are building out a robust talent acquisition and retention strategy with a focus on diversity and inclusion
  • Registered as an ally for a BIPOC professional call for equity in advertising and marketing
  • A commitment to take part in the Government’s 50–30 Challenge
  • Partnered with BPTN to look at DIB strategies, foster a better understanding of the Black experience, anti-bias training, as well as planning and commitments at the senior leadership level

This work is not something you set and forget — it is ever evolving. This is where we are now, and commit to continuing to grow, learn, keep an open mind, and continuously build on this foundation.

Stay tuned throughout the year as we keep you updated on the actions we continue to take to support the Black community.

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